Simposio is not a festival, is a non-profit initiative that requires participation: there’s no spectator.


Living together means sharing wooden huts to sleep, bathrooms and a canteen. Guests will sleep in the camping designed by Edoardo Gellner, which includes 40 huts with 4 beds; it is possible to book a single bed in a shared hut or the whole hut. Upon request we can provide sheets; we suggest you bring your sleeping bags though.


You can get to Borca di Cadore by bus service Cortina Express / Flixbus, which connects with the main towns and railway stations (Venice, Treviso, Bologna, Milan, Bergamo, Verona, Florence). The organization will take care of the internal transfers from the camping to the colony.

If participants do not want to take mountain treks to move within the village, we suggest they come by car.

The "Spicci"

The offices (and other spots) will offer the cash exchange service, from Euros to “Spicci” (literally, coins), the only valid currency within the village to make exchanges or purchases.


Mountain is mountain, including in July. Get prepared with proper shoes, clothes and accessories, such as a torch and a water bottle. The wonder of living in the woods requires this.

The Canteen

The camping is provided with a big canteen that will offer breakfast and dinner. The colony’s cafeteria serves chargeable sandwiches, beverages and drinks. There are cafeterias and supermarkets near the colony.


Simposio is open to any perspective but violence, discrimination, and hatred. Each participant will participate in at least one workshop a day.


Simposio is open to activity proposals: diverse workshops can be organized to be included in the three days, only rules: create a minumum 8-people group, write a planning document and a final summary one.